Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Uraling – February 10

Capitol in St. Paul, MN

It was quite brisk (3F) riding to work yesterday, so I had to stop twice and let my hands warm up. I was really missing my heated gloves. The photo above and below were taken the second time I stopped.

Downtown St. Paul at Sunrise

After work, it had warmed up considerably (28F!). I went looking for some fun on a frozen lake. There was a lot of snow piled up on Lake Josephine, and I wimped out. I went over to Lake Johanna and saw a number of trucks parked on the lake fishing. The trucks had made a number of ruts in the snow on the lake. The ruts looked to be 8-10” deep, so I wimped out again.

That’s when I realized the entire parking lot next to the lake was a giant sheet of ice!  Since I didn’t have my tripod, I just stuck my camera into a snow bank. It worked quite well. Below are two of the same video (vimeo/youtube), me practicing my emergency winter maneuvers. ;)





  1. man.. that looks fun.. hahaha! nice maneuvers too..

  2. Thanks Bash3r. When are we gonna see videos of you playing in the snow?

  3. Practicing emergency maneuvers? Yeah, right. Only if the Keystone Cops were chasing you. Some people will say anything to justify goofing off, won't they? :)

  4. have to practice recovering from a skid on ice some how, and what better way than to induce them in a parking lot??

  5. My practicing never looks this much fun! Stay safe...keep practicing those emergency skills--yeah, right. That's just plain old cold weather FUN!

  6. Thanks Sojourner! It was fun to goof around, but it was also good practice on skidding.