Thursday, October 8, 2009

Commuting - October 7th

I tried the hippo hands today and they kept my hands warmer. They are a bit awkward to use and have on the scooter, but they were functional. They are worth every penny of the $10 I paid to get them used.

The new Olympia Phantom suit is working, but failed miserably in the rain yesterday. The front vent pockets leaked heavily on the way in and on the way home soaking the inside of the suit. If I wouldn't have had the insulated liner, I would have been very wet and very cold. I called Zack at MotoPrimo and was told he doesn't work Wednesdays. I am waiting for him to get in at noon on Thursday.

The suit is supposed to be 100% waterproof. I made sure on the way home that the straps on the vent were very loose, the zippers closed, and the Velcro smooth. They still leaked horribly, so much in fact that the water began to pool underneath me and soak through the insulated liner to get my pants wet on the way home. Not fun.

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