Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Commuting - October 14

Today's 35F felt warm riding the Super9 to work. The heated gloves worked great to and from work and kept my hands very toasty. I'm very happy I purchased the battery yesterday to run them, so far I don't think I'll need the heated vest until probably below 20F.

I tried wearing my new Schampa Dickie Balaclava Combo for the first time today, and it didn't fit well inside my helmet. It was very tight, but very warm. The seams are rounded on the inside, so they pressed into my head and face and left large red marks that took about an hour to fade away. It also gave me a horrible headache starting at the ten minute mark and continuing until about an hour after I took it off. I'm contacting them now to return/exchange it.

I also purchased a Pharoah Deluxe Balaclava and will give that a try tomorrow. I have higher hopes for this one because it does have flat seams, but it doesn't have quite as much insulation or weather protection.

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