Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Commuting - September 2

It was slightly warmer today, 50F, and I was dressed more appropriately, so I wasn't so cold. I am still thinking about heated grips. I did buy another cable last night, so I can make a custom cable to hook my electric vest to the battery tender cable. Since all my bikes have the same battery tender cable, it will be easy to use the vest on all of them.

I still haven't received my license plate for the WR250R and my 21 day permit just expired, so I called Waldoch. I spoke to the owner, John Waldoch, who was pretty confused and just didn't understand that the WR250R is NOT the WR250F, but a street legal dualsport. Unfortunately, this seems common with other owners having similar experiences in other states.

When I purchased the bike almost four weeks ago, I paid for license plates and a DNR sticker. They sent the DNR sticker last week, but never processed the license plate. The excuse was "it was on page two and she didn't see it." He assured me that his staff would get the plate tonight and they would call me in the morning when I could come get it.

This is strike two after the leaky oil fiasco, and I'm reluctant to give them another chance. They are supposedly the only Pro Yamaha dealer in the area, but so far, they just can't seem to get things right on the first try.

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