Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chain & Sprocket

When I was lubing the chain on the SV650 yesterday, I noticed it seemed to be catching at one point and didn't have a smooth rotation anymore. Today, I just ordered a new chain and sprocket kit from sprocket center. I ordered a D.I.D. 525VM2 chain with a 15 and 47 steel sprocket. The stock is a 15 and 45. The couple extra teeth should add some extra zip. ;)

Since the new chain is a rivet type and I don't own a chain tool yet, I also ordered a Motion Pro chain tool from ThumperTalk. They were a bit cheaper than buying directly from MotionPro. I also ordered some tire tools since I am also lacking in that department. The last bit I need to change the chain/sprockets on the SV650 is a 32mm socket which I will attempt to get from Sears. I just love the lifetime warranty. I've heard a grinder is handy to grind the rivets off the stock chain, but I may try my hand at cutting a link with the dremel first.

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