Saturday, December 12, 2015

Two-Up Warm Winter Motorcycle Ride

Minnesota has been experiencing a heat wave the past week with temperatures in the high 40s F. Time for a motorcycle ride! Laura and I picked the Super9 to ride today. 

It was wheeled out from the garage and gassed up. I have to make my own premix of one part oil and 32 parts gasoline for it’s two-stroke engine. When I pressed the started button, it just turned over and over and over. It didn’t start. Much too soon, the battery was worn down from trying and the headlight wouldn’t light up. Darn. I put it back on the charger from which it came. I will have to investigate the charger.

The SV650 to the rescue. It was a short 25 minute ride around the area. We visited a few lakes to see them free of ice.

It is supposed to get cold and snowy again in a couple days, so this may be our last two-wheeled ride of the year.


  1. In the 60's here, and a surprise call from my mechanic. The Kymco was ready for me to pick up. He's had it for months and finally feels he has the problem fixed. And so, a nice juicey ride for me, too! Yay, for all of us!!!!!

  2. Great picture of you two. Looks like you are doing the Tango with the SV.