Thursday, June 18, 2015

Uraling Carlos Avery 2015


Sunday’s are a popular day to ride motorcycles. For our Sunday ride, I decided to take the Ural. I haven’t ridden it all year due to my injured shoulder. I’ve been feeling much better, so decided to take it.


Laura had also not had a Ural experience yet, so it was time to find out what she thought. A Ural experience isn’t complete without gravel roads. I also had it on good authority that Laura needed to explore more State parks, so I settled on Carlos Avery Wildlife Refuge as a first visit. I’ve been here many times with other bikes.


There are very few roads inside the area, but I still manage to get turned around. We entered on the North end of the preserve and wound our way through. The roads were in decent shape in most places. On previous visits, there have been giant mud holes to deal with.


The “park” is full of “ponds” for different wildlife to enjoy. There is also a nice forested area. While in the park we spotted a variety of song birds, a big white egret, wild turkey with babies, a loon, a goose, and a turtle.


It was a good two hour ride. The park was a great escape to the heat which soared into the 90s. We both had a fun time puttering around on the Ural. Not having ridden a sidecar in many, many months, I was happy it all came back very naturally.

Laura said she still prefers the SV650 to the Ural. I totally agree. She said while she enjoyed the view on the Ural, she felt more engaged and had more fun on the back of the SV.


All pictures, except the second one, courtesy of Laura.



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  1. Her it comes. Finally back on three wheels. However, I second what Laura said. She seems to like the two-wheeled experience better... on step closer to getting her own wheels?

    1. Back on three wheels yes. Finally getting all the bikes back in action.

      Laura says she isn't interested in riding her own bike. I am just happy she likes being a passenger.

  2. Great pictures. It looks like a nice place to spend a few hours out of the heat.

  3. The shade in the forest was great! Our heat isn't anywhere near yours yet.