Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Maintenance for SV650 and WR250R


I’ve been getting behind on my motorcycle maintenance for my SV650 and WR250R. I took this past Monday off work, to try and catch up. I badly needed new tires on both bikes.

The SV650 got a new pair of Dunlop Q3s to replace the worn out Q2s that were on there. I went about 6,000 miles on the Q2s which is about my average and something I am happy with for such a soft, sticky tire. I really liked the Q and Q2, so I am looking forward to the Q3. Since I had the axle loose, I also spent some time cleaning, lubing, and adjusting the chain.

Last on the maintenance list was to change the brake fluid. The speed bleeders I installed a few years ago makes this a very easy task. Just loosen the bleeder, and pump the fluid out with the lever. They have a valve to prevent air from coming back in at the bleeder.


Next the WR250R was up. I haven’t ridden it yet this year because the rear tire was so bald I didn’t feel like it was safe anymore. I put a new set of D606s to replace the set I was taking off. I went about 3,600 miles of mixed street and trail riding with am emphasis on street. I’m moderately happy with their longevity and very happy with their performance.

new vs used d606

The new on the left and the worn on the right. The new tires went on decently with just hand levers. After the tires were on, I also cleaned, lubed, and adjusted the chain.

Then a replaced the brake fluid as I did on the SV650. Even without the speed bleeders it was still a pretty quick job. The brakes feel much better now.  I also replaced the battery and cleaned the air filter.

I took both bikes out for a quick test ride, and they seemed to be working as expected. I am really liking how the brakes feel much more responsive. The fluid slowly degraded, I didn’t realize how spongy the levers had gotten.

Time for some more riding!


  1. You're all race ready. Where to now?

    1. Not sure. I have a track day tomorrow night. I would love to go west to visit some friends in OR ;) ;)