Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Visiting India: Motorcycles (Part 5 of 6)


India is full of motorcycles! They are much cheaper than a car, great in heavy traffic, and can be parked what seemed like almost anywhere. They didn’t appear to be much fun in the rain. When I was in Chennai, it rained quite hard several days. The roads quickly flooded and people were riding around with their foot pegs dragging in the water. Most riders use a motorcycle as their only transportation, but there are those who also just ride for fun. The ones who ride for fun tend to have more money to be able to afford a second vehicle.


The motorcycles were much smaller than in the USA. Most of them were from 50-200cc. I saw a few above 500cc; they were rare. Lots and lots of Hondas, Yamahas, Suzukis, and other Asian brands. So many brands and models I’d not heard of or seen here in MN.


At one of the malls I visited, they had a dedicated motorcycle parking lot with a dedicated motorcycle entrance/exit. Cool!


One of the “bigger” sportier bikes.


Notice all the motorcycles have engine guards.


 This trike has a handicapped plate. The only time I saw trikes like this is when they had the disability plate. They were basically two extra wheels welded on. The original drive wheel was still in there, so they actually have four wheels. Are they still trikes then?


This was the motorcycle I rode.


Next up, Riding in India!

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  1. Very cool. Should make one realize we can do with a lot smaller cc's that what the most popular brands are marketing here.

    I am still enjoying all the vibrant colors of your pics.

    1. The rest of the world uses much smaller bikes. They also go much slower than we do. I'very had confused people here not understand how I could possibly ride anything less than 1000cc cross country.

      I miss the colors...

  2. I hear that there are very few RE running around. Way too expensive for the average person. On the 4-wheeled scooter, were the outrigger wheels spring loaded in any way?

    1. Correct, very few REs there. Too expensive.

      I don't think they were. They all looked solid from what I remember. I saw a couple. Same design as the ones in Malaysia.