Friday, March 6, 2015

Motorcycle First Thursday–March 2015

Empty Parking Lot at Dulonos

Last night was Motorcycle First Thursday in Minneapolis. It was the first one I have been able to attend this year. January was on the 1st, and the business was closed. In February, I was on the beach in Mexico. It was also the first time I chose to drive rather than ride to this event.

I believe I am strong enough to ride the Ural now, but I didn’t want to. I was coming from work and then going to a play afterwards; I didn’t want to deal with the winter layers of motorcycle gear. Two days ago it was –16F; in two days they predict 50F. I need to get moving to get the two-wheelers ready for this phenomenon they call “spring”.

I had a nice time last night despite not riding. No one else rode either. I met up with my friend Paul and we chatted for a while. The lift I traded him is working out well in his shop.

As we usual, the talk centered around bikes that we wanted to buy, maintenance that needed to be done, trips to take, places to ride, etc. It was fun conversation.

There is a DL650 sidecar on craigslist that we discussed; I am tempted to buy it. I feel it might be time to sell the Ural and try a different sidecar for a while. I’m also half curious about getting a slightly better touring bike; perhaps something with some wind protection. Maybe something like a Goldwing, but that doesn’t weigh so much.


  1. Must've been hard to come back from the beach in Mexico. The DL650 is a V-Strom?

    1. The beach was nice... the snow... eh. I am ready for this thing they call "spring"

      Yes, DL650 is a vstrom as is the DL1000.
      the 650 is also called a weestrom by some. Similar engine as the sv650, but with a heavier frame and a bit of a frame.