Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sidecar + Trailer = Mulch Hauler

2014-09-01 20.16.28

Thanks to my friend Joe, I finally got the trailer wiring sorted on my Ural and on my DIY trailer. I wrote about the hitch I installed several years ago here: Ural Trailer Hitch. I’d been using the hitch to haul my bicycle, but always wanted to get a trailer going. Why not make a slow vehicle slower right??

I spent a few hours on the wiring and didn’t get anywhere; conversely, Joe figured it out in less than an hour. The Ural comes with a six post connector under the seat. We used a six to five converter and then a five to four converter. It works great! The wiring and hitch can also easily be removed to avoid the winter grime.


My mulch hauling friend posing for a picture. All the mulch is wrapped up in the blue tarp. The trailer is much more efficient than the tubs I used to use. I can get about four times as much per trip too. It’s also much easier to use the mulch from the trailer versus moving a wheelbarrow around. The Ural really is my Russian Lawn Tractor now!


PS: To those with a Ural warranty: towing could affect your warranty, so double check beforehand.


  1. Oh my, the German TÜV (it the Technical Inspection Agency) would cringe at this sight.

  2. Next, put on a rail so you can easily carry your dirt bike…

    Nice and functional.

    1. That's the plan... I have a rail! I just have to figure out the balance point to get it mounted...

  3. Great idea Chris. Who needs a truck when you have a Ural and trailer.