Friday, June 14, 2013

Walk with the Geezer

Walk with the Geezer

The weather finally took a break from near constant rain. If I didn’t know better, I’d thought Minneapolis had been transported to the pacific northwest. It’s rained more days that not, but I’m not complaining too loudly since it isn’t snow. Yup, I’m looking at you May. You let us down with that late snowfall; April showers bring May snows?! Bah.

I took the Ural since I wanted to run a few errands after the walk. The the special skills of my Russian Lawn Tractor aka Ural were required. The Tom’s (Geezer with a Grudge)WR250X is hiding under the nice Aerostich cover. I’m kinda jealous of the cover. It would work nicely on my SV650.

It was a very nice day for a couple laps of Lake Como.

Walk with the Geezer

The Russian Lawn Tractor is very capable of hauling home a pile of plants. I went to get some straw, but ended up with plants. They were out of straw. Next time I guess. Now to get these guys in the garden.

Plant Shopping