Sunday, June 9, 2013

Another Successful BRC

Teaching a BRC

This weekend, I had the pleasure of teaching a BRC with Tom Day (Geezer with a Grudge). We had a fun time teaching together. We were lucky to have such a good batch of students with varying ages and skill levels. A few were a bit rough around the edges in the beginning, but with a bit of patience they came around. It rained quite hard the second day, but cleared up in time for the skills test. All of them passed. I’m proud of them.

One student wrote this note on the feedback form. It has TOTALLY made my week!!

Teaching a BRC

Thanks to the students (and Tom) for a fun weekend of teaching!


  1. Good job. Big pat on the backs to you two!!

  2. I took my class up in Anoka. Loved it. The only thing I felt it missed was picking up a downed motorcycle ... especially as a woman!

    1. Glad you had a good time. Yes, that could be added. A good chance for injury if done wrong. Two of our students got to practice picking the bike up a couple times.

  3. Chris:

    it must give you a proud feeling to know that your efforts are being appreciated. It's like someone thanking you for helping them

    Riding the Wet Coast