Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weekend in Duluth

Duluth Harbour

My wife and I spent this past weekend in Duluth, MN. Since we were apart for the Indy weekend, we thought it’d be nice to get away together. Because of the construction on I-35, we ended up getting up there a couple hours later than expected. We missed the sunset over the harbor, but still had a decent view as night fell for our evening walk near the lake.

In the morning, we stopped by Aerostich, and I spent a pile of money on a new Roadcrafter Light.

Aerostich in Duluth, MN

My Tourmaster Epic coat is falling apart as the seams disintegrate. I don’t feel particularly safe wearing it anymore because I don’t think it will hold up in a crash. It’s only 30 months old; I’m disappointed in the durability.

My new Roadcrafter Light is in the queue to be made, and I should have it in my hot little hands in about a month. It’s not the most stylish thing out there, but I am looking forward to easy on-off (in 30 seconds!) and the complete waterproofness in one piece of gear. No more rain suits for me when commuting!

We spent the rest of the day eating tasty food and playing tourists. It was a lot of fun.


  1. Now anxiously waiting for your review of the Roadcrafter Light. When I taught a class in Connecticut, one of the students had a Roadcrafter and used it on his year around, rain or shine, daily commute on his Sportster, and absolutely loved it. The hi-viz was starting to fade but he said it was still pretty waterproof and demonstrated the 30-sec in/out.

    1. The regular one is mostly water proof, but the light is supposed to be completely. I will do my best to test that out. I have been envious of my friends in roadcrafters every time I witness the easy in/out. I thinking will be ideal for commuting. Just a month to wait...

  2. Ahhh to live so close to Aerostich - I think we're jealous.

    I am surprised your last jacket didn't last longer. Blame it on UV rays perhaps? I bet the Aerostich lasts longer.

    I am glad you and the Misses had a nice weekend away together.

    1. You could move! Lol. Or come visit :-)

      Not sure why it failed so early. I replaced the zipper oulls twice too. My other tour master is fine, but i wasn't wearing it as often. I expect the 'stitch to last ten years.

      Weekend away was very nice. I think we should do it again soon.

  3. Chris:

    getting away for a weekend together is always something to look forward to. I wished we could get away from the daily grind. I've heard good things about the Roadcrafter too. can't wait to hear your opinions

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    1. Make it happen Bob! You can do it. I am also anxious to review the roadcrafter.

  4. The only fellow I know who has a Roadcrafter said it added 2 months onto his riding reason. Now that you purchased one, you may have to invent a whole new calendar. I, too, am looking forward to hearing your experiences.

  5. The wife and I were just there last weekend for a wedding near Saginaw. Stayed at the Duluth Sheraton downtown. Beautiful city with a lot of fun things to do!