Monday, June 4, 2012

Everyday for 7 Weeks–Week5 Roundup

A summary post of the Week 5 of 7. 

Progress So Far:  (the map seems a bit funky, but close enough)  
Everyday for 7 Weeks - Week 5

Fun facts:
  • The GPS says I have covered  a total of 8086 miles (13,013 km) over the 35 days of my trip so far.
    • Week1 Miles: 2,161 (308 a day avg)
    • Week2 Miles: 1,777 (253 a day avg)
    • Week3 Miles: 1,847 (263 a day avg)
    • Week4 Miles: 1,394 (199 a day avg)
    • Week5 Miles:     905 (129 a day avg)
  • Longest Riding Day: 434 miles - Day 23–Stewart to Prince George
  • This is now the longest trip I’ve ever taken. The previous was China at 30 days in 2000 still wins.
  • This is now the longest motorcycle trip I’ve taken. The previous was 19 days – Great River Ride
  • The most expensive gas so far has been $7.27USD/gallon.
  • I’ve taken over 8700 photos this week and hours of video.
    • another time lapse to process when I get home.
  • Best MPG: 67mpg
  • Worst MPG: 36mpg
  • New motorcycled states on this trip: Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Washington, Oregon
  • New motorcycled provinces on this trip: Alberta, Yukon, British Columbia
  • Border Crossings: 5

Week 5 Posts:

Week 5 Videos: Entire Playlist

Week 5 Photos:


Animals I’ve seen so far:

  • moose
  • black bear
  • muskrat
  • bison
  • caribou
  • deer
  • rein deer
  • elk
  • stone sheep
  • doll sheep
  • wild horses
  • bald eagle
  • wolf
  • fox
  • beaver
  • prairie dog
  • countless different birds


  1. So has the beauty of the Pacific coast sucked you in yet? I have nothing but wonderful memories of camping trips on the Oregon coast and I still love to visit there anytime I can. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time on this next trip unless I can average more miles than I've planned.

    Thank you for continuing to take the time out to post. When do you need to be in San Diego?

    1. I prefer averaging less miles than I planned when on a trip, but I hope you can find the time to do what you want.

      I have always liked the Pacific coast, and northern CA and OR are new faves.

      Got to San Diego tonight, but you probably noticed that on the spot already. lol.

  2. Very impressive mileage that you're racking up. Nice to see you slowing down a bit to smell the roses ;-)

  3. If you happen to be traveling down hwy 101....Between, Santa Maria and Santa Barbara you will find my hometown of Solvang. It is a little Danish tourist trap, but has fabulous pastries and just so happens to have a Vintage Motorcycle Museum.

    I will be headed that way in about a month or so...

    Stop in and have some food or wine...lots of local wine and check out the Motorcycles Ohh yeah.. there is also one or the 21 California Missions there...Still an active church.. I got married there...

    1. thanks for the tip! It didn't work out on this trip, but I have added it to the "files" for the next one. There HAS to be another one. So much stuff to enjoy on the pacific coast.