Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An Epic Cuff

Tourmaster Epic Cuff

A friend asked me to take some close-up picture of my Tourmaster Epic coat’s cuff, so I thought I’d post it since it might help someone else too. Click on the image for full-size.

I love the coat, but hate the original rubbery cuff closure system. The velcro was also very weak and it frequently flapped open snagging things. I cut mine off. Makes my gloves much easier to get on and off. Since I always wear gauntlet gloves, the cuff is always covered.

The cuffs on the Tourmaster Transition 2 are much nicer. Same basic design except a cloth closure strap instead of 1/4” thick rubber.


  1. First there was your moto-blog. Then you branched out into food and paper. Is this a hint of a fashion blog in the making?

  2. Looks like I've been missing some of your blogs as of late... and if I didn say thanks on twitter (I did see it there).. thanks again! :)