Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Video: South Padre Island Time-lapse

A quick video of some footage I shot from my recent trip to South Padre Island, TX. I used my GoProHD in photo mode taking pictures throughout the day. This is nearly 24 hours of footage. I stitched the several thousand photos together with Premiere Elements 10. Let me know what you think!

YouTube: South Padre Island Time-lapse


  1. That is so cool, it goes beyond cool.

    I have wanted to do something like that with my GoPro and tried it once, but couldn’t work out how to do it. Taking the pictures is simple enough but converting them into a time lapse was beyond me. It have Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and I don’t think I can produce TL on that, but will take a look.

    Good stuff Chris.

  2. Gary: Thanks! If you think this one is good, wait til you see the next one. (hint: it's on youtube) I just got some time-lapse firmware for my T2i, so I'll have to try it with that next. Guess I have to go on another trip...

    PrE7 should be able to do it too. Heck, even live movie maker can do it. PRE10 makes it easy with some more advanced features, but the basic idea is to just drag all the photos in and set their default time to something like .1,.05,.03, etc. Send me an email if you need more help.

  3. I saw the fog one. Its very good. I am in Spain at the moment and it would have been perfect to try TL with the rising sea levels and sun arcing across the sky. Trouble is, my GoPro is at home in the UK. When I get back to the UK and have time, I will give it a try.

  4. Very nice. The place looks surprisingly empty.

  5. Awesome. It is nice to see the subtle changing of the lighting as day turns to night.

    Now, was it windy or was that from the stitching you could see the trees moving?

  6. Chris:

    that was great ! I also upgraded to PREL 10, I like it. It has more output options. With PREL7 I had to bulk resize all the photos first. With PREL10 do you have to resize first ? How did you get your battery to last 24 hours ? I also had to buy a new laptop i7 4 core to do the 1080p30

    looks like you had a nice vacation, somewhere warm

    Riding the Wet Coast

  7. Gary: lol. camera doesn't do much good sitting at home. guess you'll have to do your spain trip again! ;)

    HappyPuppy: Thank you!

    Richard: It is the "off season" right now. we found it great. I have some beach footage which shows a few more people.

    Trobairitz: yes, time-lapse is fun to watch the light change. the trees were moving around in the wind. camera didn't move.

    Bob: thanks! PRE10 is so much nicer. loving it.
    No resizing needed. A right-click to get media from files/folders then check the box that says numbered stills and select the first image. done.
    I plugged the camera into the wall via AC -> USB adapter.
    Nice! Can you buy me a i7 laptop to do 1080p too??

  8. Neat, Chris. I liked watching the evening shadow crawl across the lot and up the building and the colors change as the world dimmed. Dawn came on like a bolt of lightning by comparison, I was hoping to see a bit more. I could spend another minute and a half of my life to watch one with a sunrise. All in all, neat film.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  9. Brady: Thanks Brady! I like watching the sunset glow as well. I am just posting my second time lapse shortly. I will try to work in some more sunset for my final vid.

  10. I wondered if it was windy. Part of being by the ocean I guess. It is always windy at the coast here.

  11. Trobairitz: Yup a light breeze. it was nice :)

    Fuzzy: thanks! it was fun to make