Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Voting and a Vino

I voted

As I was riding a long today, I noticed that I hadn’t seem many motorcycles over the past two days. I’m thinking the low 40s temps and the weather-guessers constant threat of snow kept people in their cars instead of on their bikes.

When I pulled into my polling place for today’s election, a scooter was also pulling in from the other direction. The rider was sensibly covered head to toe. He was riding a Yamaha Vino 125. We chatted a bit about bikes as we walked in. He said he rides until it snows. I mentioned I ride year-round which prompted him to ask how. I told him I usually ride a sidecar in the winter. He said he’s seen me around the neighborhood. He hopes to get a motorcycle next year. I encouraged his decision.

The polling place was empty. We only had local elections this year: mayor, city council, and school board. In some ways these small local elections are more important than the national ones since they will directly affect us (property taxes, schools, city services, etc).

Did you vote today?


  1. We didn't have any elections here in the City. So, I didn't vote. I agree the local elections are very important.

  2. keith: maybe a smarter way to go by combining the elections to get more voters and save money running polling places.

  3. Unfortunately Chris, it seems people only want to get out when the politicians have done something stupid and extreme. Then we want to throw the baby with the bath water and elect someone WAY on the other extreme.

    I'm glad to see you vote, even for the small stuff. And good luck, the weather must be seriously sliding there, now.

    Behind Bars - motorcycles and life

  4. Brady: Weather is still good. 60F and sunny right now. Had some snow flakes earlier in the week when it was 40F, but no accumulation. Still riding two-wheels. :)