Monday, July 11, 2011

St. Croix River Ride

On July 4th, my wife and I took off on my R1150GS to ride along the St. Croix River. The St. Croix is defines a portion of the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Since the Minnesota state parks were closed as part of the government shutdown, we went to Wisconsin instead. We enjoyed fun roads, great scenery, and cool breezes from the river. It was a fun day of riding. Enjoy the video!

YouTube Video: St. Croix River Ride


  1. Oh, it certainly looked like you had a wonderful time. Wisconsin seems lovely (although I can imagine they get nasty winters...). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Chris:

    That was a very pleasant and soothing video. Tell me, does you wife mind that you have fuzzy ears on your helmet? I do not have your elan and verve for riding on gravel. The last time I was on a pave surface, that became gravel (under construction for a 1 mile stretch), I crawled over it in second gear.

    I am really looking forward to seeimg you next week.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  3. SonjaM: It was a fantastic time. WI winters are just as exciting as MN winters :)

    Dear Jack: I'm glad you liked it. It was a relaxing ride as well. LOL. I'm not the helmet decorating type.

    The trick for gravel is to practice. I used to be terrified of it too. Then I got the WR250R two years ago, and now I'm a lot more comfortable.

    I am also looking forward to meeting you. Less than a week now!