Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TK Cancer Free Ride and BBQ

TK Cancer Free Ride Map

I set out on Sunday morning to meet up with some other riders from the Minnesota MSTA (Motorcycle Sport Touring Association). One of our members, Ray, had organized a ride and BBQ to celebrate TK’s (another member) recent cancer free status. I don’t do many group rides, but this one sounded good. TK is a real nice guy.

Ray (organizer):


TK (guest of honor):


More than thirty bikes showed up at Black Water Coffee in Maple Plain (west of Minneapolis about 30 miles).

IMGP8116 IMG_6736

We broke into smaller groups to make the ride more manageable. I went with some sport bikes led by Lloyd.


Before we left, I spent quite a bit of time talking to the owner of another 1st gen SV650. She had done a lot of custom work on her bike including replacing the front end, rear suspension, and a pile of electrical gadgets. It was a very clean setup; I was slightly jealous.

IMG_6738 IMG_6740 

and I thought my dash was crowded. This is the other SV:


This guy has a ton of gadgets! I thought his camera mount was clever.


The roads were pretty decent for being so close to the city.

CI-201244390430100948CI79955609630100949 CI12846420830100952

Some of them were even gravel. With just me, the SV handled very nicely, and I was easily able to go 40+

CI-78747390430100948 CI-15607120030100949 

It would have made a nice dual sport route with just a few more gravel roads.


The route passed a few lakes and rivers too.

CI61014691230100953 CI204686609630100949

We stopped for gas midway through the route. It was another chance to chat with the other riders.


Lloyd did a good job leading our group considering he didn’t make the route and hadn’t looked at it before the ride. We were the first group to leave, but took a wrong turn and ended up behind another group a few u-turns later.

CI12956609630100949 CI147815609630100949

Following the other group,


we made a few extra u-turns.

CI46684150430100951 CI162708150430100951 

Then on our own, made a few more!

CI110922420830100952 CI10345961630100954

I was glad to have practiced u-turns in a parking lot!


Eventually, we made it to Ray’s place for the BBQ. Some riders left right away and other had showed up just for the food.

IMG_6743 IMG_6744 

Ray knows how to throw a BBQ. I think everyone had a good time chatting and eating.

IMG_6749 IMGP8120

This hitch-hiker had to go before I went home. Garage to garage was 212 miles.


Congrats to TK for becoming cancer free! Thanks Ray and Lloyd for a fun day!


  1. I don't do many group rides either. I guess I'm sort of a lone wolf. That said, every one I've gone on I've enjoyed, but not enough to look forward to the next one.


  2. Keith: LOL. "not enough to look forward to the next one"