Sunday, September 5, 2010

Replacing Broken Clutch Cable Adjuster on SV650

My clutch felt slightly off on the way home tonight, so I decided to check the adjuster. It has also been getting colder, so I thought it was time to put my hand guards back on the SV650. When I pulled back the rubber cover, I saw the problem.

IMG_6700 IMG_6699

Not good. Without the adjuster working the clutch cable will continue to get loose and I won’t be able to shift. Not a fun repair on the side of the road at night!

Thinking about where I could get a part at 9pm on a Saturday night, I remembered I had the broken clutch perch (which included the adjuster) from my wife’s GS500. The adjuster was slightly bent, but it would work for now.


The replacement on the left and the broken on the right


Using a 10mm wrench I removed the bolt holding the clutch lever,


and pulled the cable out of the lever.


Insert the replacement part and line up the groves to reinsert the clutch cable.

IMG_6713 IMG_6720

Insert the cable back into the lever


and the bolt back into the lever.


tighten everything back up and done.


The Suzuki part number is 508248-001.

The bike bandit part number is 1100706 and they sell it for $4.

I’m glad I found the problem tonight rather than on the ride tomorrow!


  1. Had the same thing happen on my Ural, Natasha! Quite annoying, not to mention also the replacement cable appears to be two inches too short! I confirmed I had the right cable....must be the replacement clutch lever assembly I'd replaced earlier in my relationship with Natasha.....

  2. Yes, good thing to find it in the shop and not while on the highway.

  3. Dom: I was lucky to not have to replace the clutch cable. I have a spare, but just lost the adjustment nut. Two inches short would be really frustrating!! I should get my Ural back today if all goes well.

    Keith: Yes! Much better to find in the garage!

  4. I recall fixing my clutch cable in one of the maintenance, under the very watchful eyes of the instructor. This brought back memories and made me feel I can still do such a fix. At least, I think so. Glad you checked this out before having to discover the problem the hard way...out on a lonely dark road. Yikes!

  5. Great post. It pays to be prepared.

    On a long trip, of 400 miles or more, I will thread a spare clutch cable from the handlebars to the connecting unit on the clutch. I carry spare terminal parts in the tool kit for a real catastrophe, including the mounting drum and the felt ring (parts indigenous to the K75). I have yet to practice installing them, however.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. Sharon:
    You could have done the above easy. The "hardest" part was getting the clutch lever freeplay where I like it.

    You're more prepared than me. My spare cable has been and still is sitting on my workbench. I would have thought with all of the attention you lavish on your K75 it would be the pinnacle of reliability! The other cable must be for the hordes of other K75s you find on such a long ride ;) I suppose I should follow your lead and ziptie mine onto the bike where it might actually be useful. :)