Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Uraling through Stillwater

Saturday, I took the Ural out for a long ride into Wisconsin and back. I stopped by the Ural dealer in New Richmond, WI and picked up a knobby tire. I had some “gear bucks” left over from my first service, and needed to spend them. The knobby tire seemed like the best choice!

knobby tire for the ural 

It wasn’t as nice as Sunday. I was sprinkled on a few times. There were still a couple motorcycles out and even one who remembered how to wave!

I used the GoPro chest mount again to capture some video riding around Stillwater and across the St. Croix River. I wrote about Stillwater last year here and earlier this year here. Looking back on those winter photos in the second link is really a contrast to the video below.

Bobskoot: the boats in the video were for you

Youtube: Uraling through Stillwater

The video will also be on Vimeo later this week. I’m waiting for my upload restrictions to lift. Too many videos posted this week.


  1. Chris:

    I'm beginning to really like your GoProHD chest mount. Sort of like sitting in your lap kind of view. You can still turn your head for scanning but the camera is still pointed straight ahead.

    Where we live we don't have frozen rivers, nor ice floating by.

    Thank you for the boats. You must have gotten off the Ural and pointed your chest around a bit.

    looking through your windscreen and mirrors it's almost like getting the benefits of Ural ownership without actually owning one. Where should we send the gas $$

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. That was an enjoyable trip, thank you for the tour. The video was great. We still have lots of ice and snow on the ground so no riding for quite a while.

    Is the whine from the transmission or the engine? Just curious...

  3. Chris - next time, would you mind tipping your mirrors back a little, so we can see what is happening behind?! Very cool video, just like riding with you. The river did look very cold....

  4. Chris:

    I think Gary has come up with a great idea and worth exploring more. We need to install a "3rd" mirror for the GoProHD to see the view from the rear (all the time), it would be sort of like a picture in picture without the expense of a 2nd GoPro

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  5. Bob: I am quite liking the chest mount. I finally did order a handlebar mount, but the chest mount has been very useful. I use it almost every time I ride now -- just in case something interesting happens.

    LOL. Maybe I'll put a paypal link up ;)

    Richard: Thanks! Ours melted rather suddenly in the last week. I can imagine that you would still have quite a bit in Alaska though! I'm not sure where the whine is from... it's been there since the first day I rode it.

    Gary: great idea! I actually tried this last night on my SV650 and it turned out pretty decent. I didn't like giving it up though.

    Bob: It worked pretty well, I will make a video in the daylight to show it off. A third mirror would be much better. I did find it a bit difficult to guess on where to aim it. Oh how I would like a second GoProHD... :) :)

  6. I wonder if a good pair of knobbies would make a dual sport out of the FJR? Wouldn't that be an amazing video?

  7. Not sure, never ridden an FJR. Can you stand up comfortably? Being able to stand is a requirement for a good dual sport. All the plastic on a dual sport isn't great either. Eventually, a dual sport will fall over.

    I have seen an R1 turned naked and fitted with knobbies, so perhaps there is hope for your FJR. I'd use it as an excuse to get another bike. ;)

    On my SV650, the bars are too low. The tank is shaped for sport riding which is great for locking in a knee, but not comfortable for standing.

  8. Chris, I only saw a wee bit of your Ural trip. For some reason it cut off every few seconds and didn't restart for another few seconds. Went to your video site and this one isn't posted yet?

    In any case, I watched the video of your DIY chest mount. Fantastic! Twenty years ago, I had a chest mount for a SLR camera (great for hiking) and I've often thought it would be nice to have one now. You have inspired me! Thanks for the instructions!

  9. Dear Mr. Luhman:

    The camera lense seems tro place you back a lot farther from the windscreen than I would have thought. It almost seems as if the Ural is operating by itself. I like the bridge over the St. Croix River. Black iron bridges are a throwback to the day when engineers didn't care what it looked like, as long as it carried the traffic over the river.

    Nice video.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  10. Sojourner: I set the video to start playing in 720p mode which your internet connection might not be able to handle. Try clicking on the 720p and changing it back to 480p or 360p. I also uploaded it to Vimeo, so you can watch it there too.

    The chest mount is fantastic. I wear it and the GoProHD on almost every ride now.

    Jack: Yes, because of the 170 degree fisheye lens it does seem further away, and the windshield is further away than other bikes. I thought you'd like that bride. You may also like the bridge in the first video of the last post. The Stillwater bridge, along with some of the interesting river roads, are currently closed due to flooding.