Friday, March 5, 2010

First Thursday – March 2010

I’m not alone! First Thursday at Dulono’s Pizza this month finally had other riders. There have been riders these last few winter months, but they arrived in their cars. Now, four other brave riders showed up!
The only four bikes that came besides my Ural
I took the Ural since there is still a fair amount of salt and ice out. During the day, the temps have been getting into the mid 30s F which then freezes at night. The roads are really taking a beating. There are potholes large enough to swim in.

I’m not sure why this little guy is important. A number of people were looking at him. I suppose I should have grabbed the attached flier, but I quit looking when I saw it cost $1675.
Little moped for sale

I had a great time talking to lots of different people. I'm thinking that maybe in April, the bikes will start to out number the cars in the parking lot.


  1. Chris:

    Right now, the Symba is the BUZZ. Retro Honda scoot with 60's styling. SYM was the original manufacturer of these sold under the Honda nameplate. Retro with modern reliability

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Thanks Bob. I had no idea what it was.

  3. it's not a Symba. It's a Flyscooters Scout. Appears to be one of the first run brought into the US as evidenced by the chrome front and rear rack. these are great bikes, functionally similar to the original Honda Cub/Passport, with a 110cc Lifan engine and 4 speed auto-clutch box. I've had mine a while and done a bit of work to it.