Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Super9 Parts Installed - Center Stand, Rear Fender, and Breather Hose

IMGP6164UPS brought presents today! The parts I ordered finally showed up. I am impressed with the delivery speed. I ordered them a week ago and here they are. I was told it would be at least two weeks. Great job Stadium Yamaha!

The parts are for the center stand and the rear fender. I also purchased a new hose that had torn in half. Some of the parts I ordered, I actually didn’t need because they came attached to the center stand or the rear fender. I guess I have extras now. I was also impressed with the low weight. I expected the above to weigh more, but it was only 5lbs including the box.
I used these tools to get everything installed:
I installed the center stand first, so the scooter would be steady while I worked on the other two items. The spring was really hard to install since it was so still. I eventually became brave and hooked one end of the spring on the top spring mount and then used the screwdriver to lever the other end down and under the centerstand spring mount. It took a couple tries, but I got it hooked.

I installed the new breather hose since my scooter came with one that was torn. It wouldn't go on at first, but a tiny bit of axle grease solved that problem. Here is the old and new:

I also installed the rear fender. I could never understand why the center stand and rear fender were removed. They are both very light weight and too handy to not have on the bike. The third mounting point for the rear fender is missing since the stock airbox was removed. I rigged something up with a ziptie until I can fabricate something out of metal. I think it will work well to keep the road spray off of the engine and the scooter.



  1. Chris, I put a center stand (or had one installed) on my SV650 and I loved it! It's such an easy bike to hoist on the stand. I was able to do more checking of oil level and chain give than I can now. I'm hoping this weekend to spend some time with my SV.

  2. I've looked at them a couple times, but $200 seems like a lot. Did you get the SW-Motech? I would really like the easy chain maintenance!

  3. Chris:

    when I had my SV650, I had spools installed and purchased a rear stand. It was OKay at home, but not so great "on the road". I decided that I wanted to have a centre stand for my V-strom and got the OEM one installed. The spring is very strong so it was better to have the dealer install it. according to Stromtrooper.com the OEM one is better than the Motech one as it is more stable and stronger. On the road it is easy to lube the chain.
    I would say if you are going to keep your SV then $200. wouldn't be bad. by the time you get the rear stand and spools you are getting close, and having the centre stand is much more convenient.
    It just seems a shame that stands used to be standard equipment and now they cost so much for a $15. piece of metal

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. Bob, I plan on keeping the SV at least one more year. It should be cheaper. The one for the scooter was only $50.