Sunday, June 19, 2016

Friends, Fun, and Food aka Oregon

I’ve been traveling a lot for fun this year. My goal for 2016 is one trip a month. This last weekend’s trip to Oregon was easily the best trip of 2016. The competition so far includes Miami, Thunder Bay, Costa Rica, Austin, and Colorado. Oregon was filled with friends, lots of fun, and tasty food.

x500-Brad and Chris

I flew out to Oregon and took a shuttle down to Corvallis to meet up with Trobairitz and Troubadour. It has been too many years since we last had fun together. I first met them on my Everyday for 7 Weeks trip and we have been friends ever since.

Brandy Pizza

Of course, before I left Portland, I had to grab some delicious food. This is the southwest bowl which went perfect with a marionberry cider. Southwest Bowl at Bye and Bye

Trobairitz was gracious enough to let me ride her Gladius, so Troubadour and I took off into the Oregon mountains for some two-wheeled fun. After trying on a combination of their gear, her helmet, my gloves, his boots, my buff, and his spare roadcrafter, I was ready to go. The flowers and butterflies on the helmet were cute; too bad they didn’t show up in photos.

Riding the Gladius

The riding was magnificent despite the minor rain here and there. It is Oregon after all; rain is expected. The Gladius is very similar to my SV650 which made me feel very comfortable riding it.

x500-Alsea Falls

Troubadour took me on a tour around the area stopping at Alsea falls and then we had a spirited ride up Mary’s Peak. So fun

Marys Peak Flowers

On my last trip out, we ran out of daylight before we could ride up. It was great. The wildflowers blooming made it even better.

Wild Iris

The top of Marys Peak ~4900 feet.

Gladius and Tiger on Marys Peak

Afterwards, the three of us had a great lunch and then hung out at the local ciderhouse: 2 Towns. We played games and drank some low priced, delicious ciders. My favorite was the gingja ninja.

2 Towns Cider

Troubadour about to win at corn hole.


On Saturday we attempted to eat all the food in Portland. It was a valiant effort, but we didn’t succeed. Did I mention it was delicious? We stopped to look at a few motorcycle shops in between stuffing ourselves. We had fun being silly.

Troubadour trying on a new helmet at the Vespa shop. What do you think?

Brad's New Helmet

We took turns drooling on the Ducati Scrambler down the street at Moto Corsa. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to ride it.

Drooling on Ducatis

Vespas also make great wheelbarrows and flower pots. Who knew?

Vespa Wheelbarrow

My last full day we met up with another friend who had just moved into the area from MN. It was nice to see her again and introduce her to T&T. After an enjoyable brunch, we headed to the coast for some more eye candy interspersed with some brief hiking.

Oregon Coast

I was gushing a bit on the drive out there. The mountains vistas and ocean views were beautiful. My camera hardly does them justice.

Three Way photo

Me taking a picture of Trobairitz who is taking a picture of Troubadour who might have been taking a picture of me. More tasty food was had in Eugene on the way back from the coast. Yes, those are whole cloves of garlic. Yum!

Pizza Reach Institute

It was a great trip! I ate entirely too much food; my scale must be lying as it said I gained six pounds?! I got to ride a motorcycle in the mountains and gawk at the ocean. The best part was being able to visit three awesome people. I can’t wait to go back to Oregon!

Friends on the Coast


  1. T&T seem like the consummate hosts. What a great time that looked like.

  2. The floral pattern on the helmet becomes you ;-) B&B for sure are awesome hosts, plus share the same interests and culinary preferences. Lucky you!

    1. Haha, thanks! They are great hosts. Lucky me indeed.

  3. We had a great time hosting you. It was nice to be able to visit and hang out for a few days rather than a few hours. Come on back anytime.

    One of these days I'll get a post up as well.

    1. Yes, it was nice to have more time. I look forward to us hanging out again!

  4. One trip/month! Pretty ambitious. I was also going to make a comment on the floral helmet but I see that Sonja beat me to it. When I saw the first picture, I thought that you brought your RC with you on the trip. I had forgotten that Brad had picked up a spare...

    So when are you moving to Portland?

    1. I did 10 trips in 2015 and I wasn't trying to do anything like one a month. Travel has been at the top of my list but didn't take it seriously until this year. So nice they have spare gear.

      Moving to portland... arg. All three of them were suggesting that. Very tempting.

  5. riding, good food (a lot of it, it seems), and companionship....who could ask for more.