Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Motorcycle First Thursday–October 2014


Last week was Motorcycle First Thursday at Dulono’s Pizza in Minneapolis. It rained heavily most of the day, so attendance via motorcycle was very low. I counted eight bikes including my own. I’ve seen more riders in December! It was quite a difference from September which had the parking lot crawling with people and the air buzzing with motorcycle exhaust.

Inside was warm and full of people talking bikes. I chatted with a few friends before calling it an early night. The rain finally stopped before I left which made the ride home much more enjoyable. I love the crisp feeling of a night ride in the fall. The cool breeze creeping in around all the vents and gaps in your gear to keep you extra sharp and attentive.

I wonder how many will show up next month…


  1. Those times when you ride in the chilly weather and think why am I cold there? The chill seems to seep into unsuspecting spots in our gear sometimes.

  2. If you feel the cold then you must be still alive. So it must be a good feeling...

    I suspect that over the next few months you may only see ~1 maybe 2 bikes (gotta allow for rounding errors). I wonder who that would be...