Saturday, August 16, 2014

Motorcycle First Thursday - August 2014

After missing the July first thursday because I was in India, I was excited to see all the bikes and my friends.

It was a good turnout, but not as many bikes or people as I had hoped given the very nice weather.

This Morgan was cool to see. I was hoping James May would appear and start talking about it, but that didn't happen.

The obligatory photo of the new crossbow from polaris. At the risk of alienating myself, the expression on the kid's face sums up my feelings about it.

This Bajaj scooter and sidecar covered in led lights was more interesting to look at.

A couple rat bikes to enjoy. I love the vacuum canister gas tank on the one and the beer can shock covers on the other.

This bike was also fun. Clearly lots of custom work and it was very clean. The wood luggage platform was a nice juxtaposition.

I was sad to see my friend is selling his FJ1200 sidecar. It is a fun rig. If I had the cash, I might buy it just for riping around in summer. I don't think it would be a good winter replacement for the Ural. It is low and setup for sport riding.
It was a good time as usual seeing motorcycles and catching up with friends.


  1. That FJ1200 sidecar rig looks pretty nice. I suspect that it has no problem keeping up with traffic. Though that Morgan looks like it'll be more fun...