Sunday, October 13, 2013

MSF Thank You Card and Coin

MSF Thank You Card iRETS 2013

I was surprised to see a package waiting for me yesterday. I didn’t remember ordering anything small enough to fit in the small padded envelope sitting in the mailbox. The fact that is said MSF on it confused me even more. Inside, I found the above card and small commemorative coin. The coin has “40 Years Motorcycle Safety Foundation 1973-2013” on one side and “August 15-16, 2013 Indy MSF International Rider Education Training System Conference” on the other.

MSF Thank You Card iRETS 2013 MSF Thank You Card iRETS 2013

The inside impressed me the most however with all the hand-written signatures. It was a really nice touch. All those people (16!) must have spent a day signing all the cards to send out.

MSF Thank You Card iRETS 2013

Thanks MSF. I have a great time at the IRETS conference in Indy. I hope I can go to the IRETS in 2014.

A hand-signed thank you card with a motorcycle on the front, this is one of my favorite thank you cards so far. What’s yours?


  1. That is pretty cool. Made even better that it was so unexpected. A nice memento to keep.