Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just You and the Baby?

I put on my motorcycle gear, and headed out the door today. I was riding the Ural, and because it was warmer, I didn’t need my heated gear. When I arrived at the restaurant, I went to check in. I had made reservations for two. I squeezed past the crowd waiting at the door and walked up to the girl working the counter.

Me: “Hi! I have a reservation for two under ‘Chris L’ “

Girl: “Yes, ok. I see. Two plus the baby or just you and the baby?”

Me: “No just two. It’s under Chris L. Are you sure you have the right one?”

Girl: “Yes, right here two for Chris L. Is that with the baby? Do you need a highchair?”

I’m very confused now.

Me: “Um. No just two adults. No baby.”

Girl looks very confused now, and looks carefully at me from around her podium.

Girl: “Oh, that’s a helmet. I thought it was a baby carrier!”

Me: “ugh… nope!“

What?! ROFL! She confused my helmet with a baby carrier? Me standing in my full riding gear holding my helmet by the straps!? Hilarious! Hey, wait a minute. My head isn’t THAT big. lol.

Ural on Frozen Lake in Snow Storm

After a good lunch with an old friend, I came outside to discover it was snowing heavily. Great! I love riding in snow!! I took the long way home, and made sure to visit a local lake on the way to ughh.. test the traction of my tires during extreme turns… yea. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Ural + snow = awesome. Girl thinking my helmet is a baby = hilarious!


  1. I don't know Big IS your head? :)

    Most folks are clueless.

    1. lol. medium in most helmets, so not that big. hehe. indeed they are.

  2. Now if you had a hi-viz helmet, it wouldn't look like a baby carrier.

    That's a pretty funny story.....

    1. i think it could have had blinking lights and that girl wouldn't have been able to tell the difference :)

  3. Nice story! I wondered if you would go on an adventure when that weather hit. I drove in it and where I am at it was just ice pellets instead of snow flakes.

  4. Now that is funny. Should have told her you left your abby out in the snow.

    Speaking of, damn that Ural looks nice in the snow. You are not helping my husband resist the urge to buy one, lol.

    1. lol. that might have been funny to say, but i was just so astonished. of all the silly things people say to me when i'm in my gear. she has to win a prize for that one.

      ural and snow go together. just show him the price tag, and that should slow him down.

  5. Chris:

    Your Ural does look good in the snow and practical too

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. To be perfectly honest, when I first saw the title of this post, I had a different thought...