Sunday, February 12, 2012

Doug Wothke and the Dirtster

On the way in to the Motorcycle Show Saturday morning, I saw Doug Wothke walking on the street. I recognized him from the Horizon’s Unlimited DVD series. I waved. He waved back.

He followed me until I parked the Ural. He told me he saw it on Friday night, but didn’t know who owned it. As we walked the rest of the way to the show, we talked about different bikes and his trips. He has a Dnepr at his place in Bulgaria he wants to put a Harley engine in. Cool. 

Motorcycles that rode to the minneapolis motorcycle show

The four motorcycles parked near the IMS Show above. Ural T, DualSport, Gold Wing, and my Ural Patrol.

He just finished riding to Magadan, Russia on the “Dirtster”. The Dirtster is a Harley Sportster with dirtbike suspension he made. Very cool.

Doug talking about his trip (below). The BMW isn’t his.

Motorcycle Show Minneapolis 2012

I had to buy the t-shirt.


Since the coat check wasn’t open when we arrived Saturday morning, I didn’t have anywhere to put my gear. He offered the corner of his booth. He’s a great guy. Check his site out.


  1. The Dirtster sounds like a pretty cool machine.

  2. I have read his story. Kudos for doing the Road of Bones on a Sportster. What a cool idea. Everybody can do it on a Beemer or KTM...

    1. yes, bmw has done a fine job marketing themselves as the only choice. I like to see others breaking that stereotype. the quote on his page is hilarious too: "BMW GS riders worldwide groaned in disbelief, as they watched the drama unfold on laptop computers from the relative safety of their local Starbucks."

  3. Kinda cool you were able to meet him. I have read some of his stuff on ADV rider. He also has a few Guzzi's.

  4. Dear Chris:

    Now how cool was that? Did you get an invite to ride with him? Neat tee shirt.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads