Friday, July 15, 2011

Meetups and Wrenching

Youtube moto vlogger meetup

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had another moto-vlogger staying with me for the past three days – Navythomas8 (NT8). We’ve been having a blast goofing off, riding around, and shooting the breeze. If it wasn’t for the shutdown, we wouldn’t have been able to spend so much time together. A positive out of the shutdown mess.

Two days ago we also had lunch with another vlogger and Polar Bear Challenge contestant – P0kerp1ayer (PP).

Here is a photo, NT8 and PP.

Moto vlogger meetup

We met at Chipotle in St. Paul, and had some tasty burritos, chips, and guacamole!

Chipotle meetup

After lunch, we rode up to a scenic overlook on the south side of the Mississippi River looking north towards downtown St. Paul. It was a fun few hours chatting away. I hope the meetups during my trip are this fun.

Navythomas8 looking at downtown st paul Meetup with navythomas8 and p0kerp1aya

NT8’s chain was getting a bit stretched and worn, so we put his KLR up on my motorcycle jack to take a closer inspection.

KLR Chain Replacement

Ah yes, there’s the problem… the chain was shot, so I cut it off with the dremel.

KLR Chain Replacement

We bought a new chain and used my chain breaker to remove the extra links and to press it back together on the bike. It was nice to have a second set of hands around.

KLR Chain Replacement


Speaking of maintenance, my R1150GS has been giving me some trouble. The throttle cable is acting up, so I ordered a new set which just came last night. I’m going to attempt to put them on myself today, so wish me luck! Nothing like major bike maintenance less than 48 hours from departure!


PS: What did you guys think of the motorcycle comedy spoof that NT8 made?

PPS: Here is a short vlog of NT8 getting a tour of St. Paul from the Ural: Navythomas8 Meetup Part 1 - Sidecar Adventure in St. Paul


  1. Dear Chris:

    I admire your mechanical confidence... Here it is, you're on the threshhold of a new trip, and your going to rip out the trottle cable. Well, if you have trouble in eastern Pa, you know who to call.

    You friend's video was hysterical. While I regret the negative effects the shutdown must be having on you, I'm glad you're getting in some great riding. I look forward to shaking your hand, in about 6 days.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  2. Good luck with the cable. Hope you get out as planned.

    I did enjoy the spoof video. And, gee, what's not to like about NT8's helmet? :)

  3. The spoof video was great and I liked the tour. You had a second camera on board as well? (Getting very high tech around here).

    Hope to see you next week at the rally.


  4. Dear Jack: I didn't have much choice. The cable started crapping out on me, so it was either fix it or not take the BMW. I really want the BMW's gas tank for the long empty stretches of canada.

    I filmed and edited the video. My friend was just staring :) Maybe we can shake hands in 7 or 8 days.

    Keith: Had to make an emergency trip to get a last minute part. The kid at the dealer forgot one. The cables are on, but now I have to re-sync the throttle bodies. not a big deal, but have been a bit distracted as of late with the mess in the basement.

    RichardM: Glad you liked the videos. Yes, I had my GoProHD on the rear of the sidecar and my friend had a camera in his helmet. We had our Q2's paired together for an intercom as well. He took one of the speakers in his headset and put it next to his camera in the helmet to capture the conversation. Then I took all the footage and edited it together. I think it worked really well.