Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ural Trailered to Service

Kevin from Scrambler Cycle showed up this weekend to tow my Ural back to his shop. Ural agreed to replace the final drive as an entire unit under the warranty. The downside is that they are on backorder and are awaiting a shipment from the factory in Russia. Ural FDs are not known to fail in this manner. It seems like just bad luck. It did get me all the way home (and the winter), so maybe not SO bad of luck.

Scrambler Cycle trailer to haul ural too be fixed

There isn’t an ETA on the part yet, but I’m going to guess a month based on my experience with the wheels last summer which also came from the factory. The extended warranty is looking mighty inviting right now.

Last year, my wheels were breaking spokes left and right because the place I bought it didn’t have the alignment setup correctly even after “checking” it twice! It’s been fine now for several thousand miles since Kevin set the alignment properly.

I spend a bit of time this morning emptying out the trunk and sidecar,

Ural trunk emptied and read for transport

and getting it ready for the 100 mile trailer ride. I covered the grips with my old handlebar mitts to keep the salt and grime out of the switches. I might want to re-use the awesome hippo hands on another bike while I wait for the Ural to return.

Ural grips wrapped and ready for transport. This should keep the salt out of the switches

It was a bit sad to see it hauled away. There is a big empty space now in the garage. Kevin promised to keep me updated as things develop.

#ural trailering to scrambler cycle to wait for a new final drive

If the weather cooperates, I should be back on two-wheels in a few days, so I won’t mind waiting a while for the part. Hopefully we won’t get too much more snow. It’s supposed to be spring right?!

In the meantime, my wife has been awesome driving me around. I’m enjoying spending the extra time together each day (she is too).

Thanks Kevin for working with me to get it towed back to your shop!


  1. Chris:

    Lucky thing you have a few spare bikes to use in the meantime so it won't be full withdrawal

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Sad sight. Time for studs on the GS?
    BTW, that looks like fresh snow. I thought it would be spring by now.


  3. Good luck with the repair. You are blessed to have an ace mechanic to work on the rig. Stay strong and ride safe.

  4. Bob: Yes, having a spare bike is nice. I haven't ridden for a few days now however. There is a lot of ice around in the morning from the melt during the day.

    RichardM: indeed. LOL. nah, I'd put studs on the super9 first. I still need to sync the throttle bodies on the GS, and finish the engine guards. They're half installed right now. :) We got about six inches of snow the day the Ural's FD died. Spring in MN!

    tennesseedog: Thanks. I'm sure Kevin will do a good job. ride safe as well!