Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ural Updates and Changes from 2003 to 2011

I don’t normally make posts like this, but since I’ve been getting a number of reader questions about Urals and the differences in years, here you go.

I saw this while on Facebook the other day. Ural had posted a list of the their changes and evolution for the last eight years covering 2003 to 2011. I know they’ve made many changes, but looking at the list you can see how much they’ve improved.

Most of the improvements can be purchased and added to previous years. For example, I could buy the stainless steel pieces from 2010 to replace the chrome on my 2009.


  • New paint options including more powder coated colors
  • Aluminum rims on all models including sT
  • Duro tires standard on all models
  • Trunk locks on all models
  • New round indicator lamps
  • New Cordura (canvas) tonneau covers and aprons
  • Gear-up now equipped with single seat and rear fender rack
  • New aluminum upper fork bolts
  • Improved high strength final drive ring gear bolts


  • Aluminum alloy rims for Patrol and Tourist models
  • Rocker arms with needle bearings
  • Bearing instead of bronze bushing on the camshaft rear end
  • Polished ports of the cylinder head
  • Stainless steel used instead of chrome plating on all tubular parts (bumpers, clips, handles etc.)
  • New design of the low front mounting point of the sidecar
  • 40mm Marzocchi forks for Retro


  • Stainless steel exhaust pipes and mufflers
  • Removable plate under the driver seat
  • Powder painted body parts on some models
  • Standard greasable u-joints for 2wd shaft (GMB)
  • Unified EU/US wire harness


  • Complete new valve train including 7mm stem valves, sealed valve guides, hardened valve seats and stiffer valve springs
  • New clutch springs
  • Shock absorbers from Sachs
  • Pivot bearings installed in place of bushings in both front and rear swing arms
  • Tapered steering head bearings (SKF)
  • Steel braided brake hoses
  • New tool kit


  • Ducati ignition system
  • Herzog precision cut timing gears and oil pump gears
  • Surfaced clutch plates for smooth operation
  • Herzog shafts and precision cut gears for gearbox
  • Reversed style drive shaft with larger spline surface area
  • Improved 2WD engagement rod with UNI balls
  • Improved front sidecar mount to allow more adjustment and negative camber
  • SKF sealed wheel bearings
  • Brembo floating disc on all models
  • Improved sidecar truck hinges and handle
  • Standard (7/8') handle bar size and removable risers
  • Bottom out travel limiter on sidecar swing arm
  • NAK seals
  • SKF bearings
  • High quality 8.8 hardware used throughout


  • New header fastening system for exhaust pipes
  • Type V ignition (one-piece rotor)
  • Floating disc on Retro/Troyka front brake
  • Mechanical rear drum brakes on Retro
  • Petcock mounting on the tank without adapter
  • "Upside-down" type of air filter
  • Ducati ignition (late 2006)
  • Neutral indicator off when reverse is "on"
  • Drive shaft with longer splines


  • Front bumper for Patrol
  • New bench seats
  • New wire harness with power outlet in the sidecar


  • Denso alternator (55amp, 770 watts)
  • Type IV ignition (outside location, two-piece rotor)
  • Improved 2wd engagement lever (with fixing plate)


  • Brembo disc brake
  • IMWA 750 engine (different valves, camshaft, pistons)

Posted with permission by Ural.


  1. Hi Chris, good small correction though, the Herzog precision cut timing gears never went into production, much to everyone's dissapointment. At least, that's the word at Soviet Steeds.

    I am really wishing I'd had one of the improved final drives right about now.


    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

    Redleg's Rides

  2. So, are you happy you bought the Ural, or knowing what you know know would you have gone a different direction. I bet discovering Scambler Cycle has made a difference in your happiness with your Ural, yes?

  3. Dom: The list came directly from Ural. I'll see if I can get an answer on your comment from them.

    You CAN get one of those improved final drives :) It's only money! LOL :) :)

    Keith: Scrambler Cycle has made a major improvement to my enjoyment of the Ural, so much so it's hardly fair to compare him to the previous place.

    Would I do it all again? I've thought about this a few times. For $12k it's hard to get something better. There are things I wish were different. I'd like to be able to ride into a strong headwind at more than 60mph. I wish it was fuel injected with disc brakes on all three wheels instead of just one. Sometimes I wish it had mag wheels instead of spokes. But, building a new comparable rig for solid winter riding will be at least $12k, likely more.

  4. Herzog timing gears have been available aftermarket since 2007. They are around $285 a set, including the alternator gear, but they won't fit on 650's. It is the Herzog *final drive* gears that never went into production.

  5. Bob V: Thanks for taking the time to share your info!