Friday, December 17, 2010

The Best Part of My Day

Sunset at Lake Phalen

The best part of my day the last couple days has been the beautiful sunsets on the ride home. The one above is from today when I was riding near Lake Phalen in St. Paul.

I’ve been enjoying my participation in the Polar Bear Challenge. The other participants are very friendly, and I am really enjoying the interaction with the other polar bears.

In trying to mix it up, I’ve been experimenting with new mounting options for my GoProHD instead of my regular chest mount. One day, I put the chest mount on backwards.

Lookig Backwards from the Ural

I think it worked pretty well for a different kind of view.

I also mounted on the GoPro on a RAM mount attached to the rear rack on the Ural.

GoProHD + RAM Mount on Luggage Rack of Ural GoProHD + RAM Mount on Luggage Rack of Ural

I really like this angle, and for some great footage, watch PBC #9 below.

Lake Phalen

I have a couple other ideas for the RAM mount, so stay tuned.

This week, I have been failing on the once a day video mission. I spent most of the week in bed with a nasty cold. I’m all better now, and I am very happy to be back outside and riding.

Here are some quick photos of a frozen Lake Como I visited yesterday.

Lake Como Lake Como

While I was walking back to the Ural, I sank into a snow drift up to my waist! (see PBC #8). I was out of it as fast as I fell into it, so no worries.


The latest three PBC videos are below.


YouTube Video PBC#9

YouTube Video PBC#8


YouTube Video PBC#7


  1. I really like the different places you have mounted the camera. The bike doesn't sound like a UFO. I think when you had it mounted on your chest all the sound was bouncing off the fairing and making it sound weird.

    You are driving that thing like its a high performance rig. Hanging off and drifting through the corners. I take it the bike must be running pretty darn good? Even in -15F temps?

  2. Kevin: Yes, the fairing traps the sound and makes the engine loud.

    I'm driving it like its not a high performance rig; i have to hang off it to maintain speed. ;) It's fun to ride a slow bike fast!

    It's got that exhaust leak I mentioned in email... It also is popping a bit much. I think I need to adjust the air/fuel mix from 2 turns to maybe 2.5? There is also a strange, slow, rhythmic vibration above 60mph that I haven't figured out yet. otherwise it seems fine. :)

  3. Its quite common to have to make a slight jetting changes when the weather is as cold as it is. That may be why you have the popping, it could be running a bit lean as cold air is much more dense. In what throttle position is it popping or is it only at start up? Turning it out just a bit like the half turn you mentioned may richen it up just enough.

    Exhaust leak usually isn't to bad of a fix but if you leave it as is it will probably just get worse as it will blow out the rest of the gasket and make the pipe loose to the head.

    Not sure on that vibration.

  4. These videos are great Chris!! Really! PS you are not bulky!hahahahahaha!
    I really need one of those cameras!

  5. Nice videos. I was wondering how much you need to lean into the car for the rift turns. Are you carrying any extra weight in the sidecar?


  6. Dear Chris:

    How I envy your rides to work in the snow! But I would be loosing sleep at night worrying about the salt on my paint and the nice black aluminim engine casings on my BMW. I am amazed how you manage to pus this rig up to 60 mph, on roads that close to slick or shouldered by banked snow.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  7. Chris,

    I love the sunset picture. And, I do agree that Winter can be awesomely beautiful.

    No sunsets for me, but the sunrises have been outstanding.

  8. Kevin: Like I mentioned in email, the compliance fitting was the culprit. All better now.

    Eve: LOL Thanks! The cameras are fun.

    RichardM: Thank you! The amount of lean is determined by how much speed I'm carrying and how tight the corner is. The tighter and faster, the more I need to lean. My cart is empty right now. When I first started last year, I carried 150lbs of sandbags. I didn't need to lean much then, but I still managed to fly the chair a few times unintentionally.

    Dear Jack: Riding in the winter has greatly improved my winter happiness compared to prior years. I put ACF50 anticorrosion spray on the bike. hopefully it'll do the job. If not, it's still worth it to me.

    Thanks! I love that photo too. It's on a rotation for my computer background now. You're lucky! A shame, I haven't seen a good sunrise in a while.