Thursday, November 4, 2010

Motorcycle First Thursday at Dulono’s – November 2010

Today, November 4, was Motorcycle First Thursday at Dulono’s Pizza in Minneapolis.

First thursday november 2010

I arrived at 7pm (a bit late) on the Ural, and there were only about twenty bikes in the parking lot. The restaurant was about 70% full, and it seemed most people drove.

I was surprised how many people I ran into and stayed pretty late chatting away. It was one of the more fun times I’ve been there.

I liked this KTM supermoto parked right at the door.

First thursday november 2010 

This seemed a bit wrong to me. A yellow Ducati helmet sitting on a red Aprilla.

First thursday november 2010 - strange combination



PS: Today I visited the DMV to transfer a title.

PPS: Yes, I know I back-dated this post… slightly behind :)