Thursday, November 4, 2010

Riding a 2001 BMW R1150GS

Hanging out with the Ural

I keep a search running on craigslist for interesting bikes less than $4k. A week or two ago, I saw a 2001 BMW R1150GS pop into the list. I’ve always liked those bikes, but never had the chance to ride the 1150. I rode the F800GS, F650GS, G650GS earlier this year and didn’t like them.

The pic above is me waiting down the road at a park for the guy to show me the BMW. He lives on a nice gravel road in Shakopee. 

The correct time had arrived, and I rode up his long gravel driveway. I was a bit concerned about being able to handle a 500lb bike I’ve never ridden on gravel for the first time.

The bike is a 2001 and has been well used. It has 104,000 miles on the odo! It’s in decent shape and just needs two new turn signals and a new tire. It also had quite a pile of farkles. (more on that later)

I liked enough to take it for a ride. I left my Ural there, and took off. My first stop was an empty parking lot. I wanted to get some practice with it before I encountered too many cars. The bike is surprisingly easy to ride for it’s size. It is also confidence inspiring on the gravel. I think I put in about ten miles buzzing around the local area before returning it. The speedo cable is currently broken and will be replaced today/tomorrow.

Here is a shot on one of the roads.

First ride of a bmw r1150gs (2001)

I am seriously thinking of buying the bike to add to the collection. No plans to sell anything yet either. :)


  1. And, so a stable grows. Sounds like it would fit in nicely. I'm eager to hear about the farkles.

  2. Chris

    I rode an 1150RT, a bit bulkier than the GS and they are very nice to ride. Think of it this way, it'd make a great tug for your sidecar should the sad day arrive when the Ural tug gives up the ghost....that's my long range plan anyways.


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  3. Chris:

    I so envy the lower prices of bikes "down there" as opposed to purchasing one here in Canada where prices are more than double what you are able to find. I tried to sit on a GS but found them much higher to what I am accustomed. I hope you buy it for then you will have a "guest" bike

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. OMG!! This is too cool. That's a nice one and definitely is a Chris kind of bike--you know what I mean! I once sat on a R1150R and thought I'd get it, but then the F800st won out. I can't wait to hear more about this bike!!

  5. Keith: Yes, I think it will too. Some slight overlap, but it fits a niche.

    Dom: I've never ridden the RT, and only seen one or two. A friend of a friend has a R1150GS with a sidecar. It also has VW tires and a bunch of other performance mods. Nice rig.

    Bob: MN has high prices on bikes; CO is where the cheap ones are! The GS is taller, but that's because it's a dualsport. Not counting the BMW, there are six bikes in our garage... I think we have the "guest" bike area sorted. ;)

    Sharon: The R1150R never spoke to me either. I think the F800st > R1150R. Yes, I need to write about it more, but been so silly busy this past few days.