Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great River Ride – Day 19 – Madison to Minneapolis


We rode 293 miles from Madison to Minneapolis on I-94W today. I had forgotten how beautiful the scenery in Wisconsin was.

CI-106820449630098200 CI-38131449630098200

We both enjoyed the ride back, and no one fell asleep.


We left Madison earlier than usual, so we could beat the rush hour traffic in Minnesota. It was a nice change.


The closer we got to Minnesota the warmer it seemed to get until when we arrived it was 90F and humid. Before the trip riding in 90F was hot! Now, it just feels warm since hot as been redefined thanks to Mississippi.

We stopped at a rest stop claiming to have a scenic overlook.


We parked the bike next to a BMW 1200GSA. I think our bikes match:


and started walking,


and walking


and walking


almost there


We didn’t realize how far we had to walk! It was a nice break, but she should have put up a sign to warn us: “15 minute walk up a large hill ahead”.

This was our reward. We both felt like they could trim the trees slightly. Not sure if it was worth it.

IMG_6566 IMG_6567

On the way back down, we took these shortcuts which made the trail much shorter. I wish we would have used them going up!

IMG_6571 IMG_6572

Leaving the rest stop, we saw three other bikes including this Gold Wing that was over packed. He has two large airplane suitcases strapped on to the back. One on the seat and one on the top case. Of course just using a couple bungees.

wrong way to pack a goldwing

The first sign we saw that St. Paul was getting closer:

first glimpse of St. Paul on a sign in Wisconsin

Crossing the St. Croix River into Minnesota:

CI-141577179230098201 entering minnesota

Our first sight of St. Paul downtown

downtown st. paul

We stopped in St. Paul for lunch and tea. It was nice to walk into restaurant and hear “Oh Hi! Would you like your usual?” I forgot how good their Chai was. yum.

CI103175820830098202 IMG_6583

I decided that the trip wouldn’t be quite complete without ending it by riding along the Mississippi River again.

IMG_6577 CI205667820830098202

Minnesota really has the best Mississippi River scenery.

IMG_6581 IMG_6580 

The last bridge over the Mississippi River on the Great River Ride.

Crossing the Mississippi River for the last time this trip

One last glimpse of downtown Minneapolis.


There will probably be one or two more posts in this series.



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  1. KidMystic: Thanks. See ya tomorrow

  2. I could feel the wind down to the trip as I read this. It was a wonderful touch to take that last ride along the Mississippi in MN. Sort of brought things to a nice close. A trip is always wonderful but it is always nice to come home. Congrats on a trip well done!

  3. I'm glad you're both home safe and sound! It must feel good. What an adventure you'll always remember. And what beautiful photos you have!
    Enjoy your land legs!! At least till you have to go somewhere else, like work!!
    Take that WRX for a ride...will ya!!!!

  4. Sharon: winding down... back to real life! I think there should be at least one more post to summarize everything. maybe with a map. we'll have to see.

    Eve: Thanks. We have mixed feelings about being home. Good to be back, but we were having a lot of fun together. Thanks for the compliment on the photos! I did get a ride in the WRX yesterday. She drove me around town going to movies and eating tasty food. It was very strange sitting in a car.

  5. I wanted to see the luggage again-on the goldwing. That is just a weird arrangement.

    Yes, I think a summary post w/map would be good. Besides, I think you should consider Rider...I'm putting something in the mail soon.

  6. Sharon: working on the map. I really want an animated one, but think I'll just go for a normal one to get it done sooner.

  7. Dear Chris:

    The first time I crossed the Mississippi, it was in an SUV. I was as excited as a kid on his first visit to the circus. I had been reading about this river my whole life. I made the driver get off at the first exit, so we could follow it. I wanted to put my hand in it... To have a drink looking at it... To light up a cigar admiring the view.

    I have yet to cross it by bike.

    I felt the same way when I met Sojourner (Sharon). Until she ate my sorbet. What a great trip you guys had!

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • Reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  8. Glad you made it back safe and full of memories! What an epic adventure eh! Great job!!!

  9. Ack! How did I miss your comments?!

    I'm impressed your remember your first crossing. I don't. I'm sure my first was when I was very young. You might not want to drink from the Mississippi. ;)

    I think you'll have to add it your list of things to do in 2011.

    LOL, her story is a bit different. I guess we'll never know the truth! It was great to meet her.

    Thanks! It was great to meet you, but next time we need to get some riding in!! It was a fun adventure, but not long enough. Coming back to the real world, was a bit rough. I have been enjoying looking back on the posts and pics to remind myself of the trip.