Saturday, December 12, 2009

Uraling Around – December 12

I took the Ural out for a ride today. Minnesota is currently experiencing a heat wave as the temps peaked at 32F. The bike ran great today, and it was a joy to ride.

I took it on a tour of some of the local parks and took the shots below. I also practiced my Ural donuts with the 2WD in some of the unplowed parking lots. I was able to do them both ways, but much prefer the left.

After the ride yesterday and today, the bike was nearly white with salt and road grime. I gave it a quick bath with the garden hose in the driveway, and let it air dry in the garage. I need to figure out a better way to wash it in the future.



  1. You've got yourself a nice rig there Chris....might I recommend something re the salt and spray on the bike after a ride in the snow....prior to riding, spray the key points with WD-40, makes it a bit easier to clean afterwards....the guys in Russia apparently apply the stuff quite liberally. I'm just hoping it prevents rust from forming....

    Donuts in the snow are fun eh?

  2. Thanks, I've been enjoying it a lot. I sprayed some Boeshield T9 anti-corrosion spray on it when I first took ownership of it and it was clean. It's a thick wax layer that dirt likes to stick to. I try to spray it down when I get back from riding, but I don't have a source of water that won't freeze. Very frustrating.

    I'm also hoping to avoid rust... I guess time will tell. The road gunk is awful. All over my riding gear and making a mess of the rig.

    Donuts in the snow are great! Riding in snow reminds me of riding in the dirt.