I live in Minnesota and I ride year round. I started riding in 2008 after taking a MSF BRC, and quickly fell in love with motorcyles. In 2009, I sold my car after only putting about 1000 miles on it that year. I used the money from the car sale to purchase a Ural, so I could ride in Minnesota winters.

I started out on a 2002 GZ250, and now I have four bikes. After spending two afternoons, one on a XR400, and one on a XR200 I decided I needed a WR250R. In 2010, I tried my hand at flat track on a TTR-125. A fun little bike. In 2011, I tried a couple ice racing bikes.

Longest Ride: 665 miles - Indianapolis to Minneapolis on my SV650 in 2014.

My record temps:
Coldest: -21F (without windchill) - Minnesota -January 2011 December 2010 January 2010
Hottest: 105F (without heat index) - Mississippi - August 2010  97F - Nevada - June 2009

Motorcycled US States (50 of 50):

Motorcycled Countries: 5 
  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. India
  4. Mexico
  5. Thailand

Some Interesting People I've Met (Who have written about meeting):

Oldest Bike Ridden: custom 1964 Bridgestone 175cc 2-stroke twin