Tuesday, May 14, 2019

And then there were three

Adios WR250R! When I bought this bike new, I had dreams of riding it to far away places. Maybe do the TMAT or ride to Alaska or the far end of South America. Life got in the way and those dreams started to fade. 

I had a lot of fun with it while I did have it, but I barely rode the WR250R last year. It spent some time with a friend whose motorcycle had died. It helped him ride while he fixed his bike and I secretly hoped he would fall in love with it and buy it. He didn't. He is more of a sportbike guy. 

Enter my friend visiting from Texas! He has recently retired early to homestead in West Texas. He has acres of dirt and has been talking about getting a street legal dirt bike. Wow! I had a deal for him :) 

We concluded the negotiations with cherry chocolate chip ice cream. I feel like every vehicle sale should conclude in ice cream or another delicious treat. I'm glad the WR is going to a good home. Enjoy the ride Joe! 

PS: the remaining three are: sv650,dl650,super9. 
PPS: I plan to buy an electric bicycle and then invest the rest. 


  1. What are the three remaining? Nice to hear from you. How are things going?

    1. Hi! I updated the post. Sv650, dl650, super9. Things are going well right now. Been quite the ride the last two years though. Hoping to get an electric bicycle and then invest the remainder.

    2. We have two electric pedal assist bikes. A GreenBike USA and a Rad Mini. Both have fat tires though one has more street oriented tires. The Rad seems to be made better but the GreenBike came with all accessories such as racks and fenders. The Rad has double the number of magnets on the crank (smoother) and 50% more power in the hub motor. It’ll be interesting to see what you pick up. I hear that Portland has some decent e-bike shops.

    3. Awesome! Looking at Luna cycles and perhaps a cheaper find on Facebook. We will see. Gravitating towards a mid drive over a hub.

  2. Selling a bike to a friend is the best way to part with it. Since I began my hiking career, my Sporty sits (not unloved but unused) in the shed. I hope to find a buyer that fits the bike... Cheers from the Black Forest.

  3. It's been a while Chris! Good to "hear" from you even if its a "thinning of the herd" report.