Friday, May 1, 2015

Evening Ride with a Friend

suzuki sv650 tank closeup

Wednesday night, I had my first ride of the year with a friend. We met in the NE suburbs and then headed NE towards the St. Croix River. Her on her Ducati and me on my SV650 our v-twins taking turns growling as we went.

We headed east on 96 towards Stillwater, and then turned north on Jamaca. What a fun road! Lots of nice big sweepers and the road meandered around the different farm properties.

We spent some time on 95 running north from Stillwater along the St. Croix River. I’ve ridden this road many times; I love the views of the cliffs and the river riding north.

We ended up taking a left to head west onto what I think was cty 7. I had never been on this road, and really need to look at a map to figure out how to hook it up with Jamaca. It was fun and twisty with most of the corners marked at 25-45mph.

A short ride of less than 70 miles, but I appreciate being shown some fun new roads by a friend. We were too busy riding to stop for photos. I will have to go back and get a few later.

Have you found any new roads lately?

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