Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dual Sport Tech Day 2015

DualSport Tech Day 2015

This last weekend was the TC Dual Sport Tech Day hosted by my friend Paul. The day is for folks to get together talk about motorcycles and get some maintenance work done with friends. There is usually a few people doing tires and at least one KLR doohickey mod.


My WR250R needs tires, battery, and few other odds and ends to make it safe to ride. I thought about riding it over with the tires strapped to my back somehow, but I was feeling lazy. I decided to take my Super9 instead.

plum tree blooming

It was REALLY nice weather compared to past years. It was sunny and almost 80F by the time I left around noon.  This plum tree in Paul’s front yard smelled amazing. I can’t wait until mine is as large.

DualSport Tech Day 2015

Paul is a good bike mechanic and has a nice selection of tools. He was also kind enough to brew up some coffee. You can see him below helping someone break a stuck nut loose on a KLR.

DualSport Tech Day 2015

Not many motorcycles showed up compared to previous years. Usually there is 10-20 people, but this year there were less than 10 (see related posts below). Everyone else seemed to be riding a KLR except for me.

DualSport Tech Day 2015

My lonely Super9 surrounded by Kawasakis.

DualSport Tech Day 2015

Another KLR getting ready to do the doohickey mod. I can’t say I know exactly what it is, but it seems really popular in the KLR community.

DualSport Tech Day 2015

I had a nice time chatting with friends and meeting some new ones. One of these evenings I will get motivated and swap the tires on the WR.


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  1. I'd have been singing " which one of these is not like the others..."

    Sometimes it is good to be the odd man out.

  2. Very cool. We do a similar tech day for KLRs in San Diego (at the infamous Eagle Mike's).

    Sure, it's nice to work on your bike and adjust your doohickey, but like you, I always enjoy meeting and talking bikes with my fellow riders.

    Nice post (now swap out those tires!)

    1. Klr tech days seem popular!

      Tires... yea... hehe. Need some free time first.