Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Video: Fog Time-lapse from South Padre Island

This is my second time-lapse from South Padre Island, TX. I used my GoProHD in photo mode taking pictures throughout the day. Again, this is about 24 hours of footage which filled up a little over half of an 8GB card. I had the camera plugged into the wall via USB AC adapter as batteries only last about four hours. Since the resolution of the photos are higher than 1080p, I was able to play with some panning and zooming. The camera never moved. Edited with Premiere Elements 10.

Watch in 1080p HD!

YouTube: Fog – South Padre Island Time-lapse

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  1. Too cool. Love watching the fog roll out and back in.

  2. Another fine video. I'm amazed at how quickly the fog burns off and how the different clouds are moving at right angle to each other.

  3. Great vid. I am a big fan of time lapse. I wish work would happen the same way...

  4. I just noticed you said the camera never moved.. even more impressive! I been using the egg timer method and have got some really cool footage, but never tried for 24 hrs! awesome!

  5. Trobairitz: It was a nice surprise to see the fog when we woke up that morning. I was happy I just left the camera going.

    Richard: Fun to watch indeed.

    SonjaM: i am so with you on the work thing...

    Fuzzy: thanks!

    Bash3r: yup, camera was on a tripod and didn't move ;) I played with the egg timer method, but I wanted to go longer for these. Have you put magic lantern on your T2i yet? amazing fun.

  6. Chris, what time interval did you set between photos?


  7. dom: 30secs. if I could do it over, I'd make is faster.