Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heat Inspired Silliness

It was 33F yesterday in Minnesota! Way too hot! It was –12F just last week. Today, it is back down to a more reasonable 24F.

Being too hot for the Polar Bear Challenge, I decided to find the next letter for the Solar Bear Challenge instead: “O”. I couldn’t think of any roads, so I had to use google maps to find one. A short ride later, I was at Old Towne Rd. The video is quite silly. I hope you enjoy. (video embedded below)

Solar Bear - Letter O - Shenanigans

I also gave the Ural a much deserved bath after all of the shenanigans.

washing the ural 

The camera angle makes me look like a giant!

washing the ural2 

After drying it, I recoated it with the ACF50. It looks very shiny and clean now!

My festive holiday decorations also arrived today via the brown Santa (UPS).

motorcycle party lights

I’m going to put them on the Ural, but wearing them is fun too! Click on the photo for a bigger version.


YouTube Video for “O”:


  1. I think you are totally correct: The first sign would have been easier, but the second one looked like much more fun!

    I ordered some of that anti-corrosive spray last night. It's coming from Bellingham WA. I got the confirmation from a woman named Sparrow. As I rode to work this morning shortly after they had treated the roads for the upcoming possible snow event, I was kicking myself for procrastinating. Oh well, so Billie got a bath tonight, too :)

  2. Keith: It was fun climbing around. Make sure to do a good job drying to prevent the rust from starting. I use my shopvac or leaf blower to blow the water off the bike after I use towels. Maybe I should just do a post on winter washing...

  3. O was definitely worth waiting for! My wife and I sat here laughing at your antics of dancing around the sign! Just imagine what people living in that residential area would have thought if they had seen you! Nice one.

  4. Seemed like normal behavior to me but then again there are a lot of folks from Minnesota around here...

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Chris.....Santa brought me a GoPro Hero HD! Now I can shoot videos as well....soon as I get the right mount of course, the ones that come with the unit are "eh".

    Question, what do you use as your film editing software?


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  6. Gary: Glad you both liked it! My wife was on the floor laughing when she saw it.

    RichardM: LOL! Not many people from AK here. Merry Christmas!

    Dom: Congrats! Yes, scrap the mounts it comes with. I use Windows Live Movie Maker 2011. It's free from Microsoft and has a very fast workflow. It's not as powerful as something like Premiere, but much faster to render and quicker to edit. I have Premiere and a few others, but don't like using them. It takes to long to do simple edits.

    These are my favorite mounts:
    GoPro Chest Mount: (#2 fave)

    With this: GoPro Tripod Adapter:

    You can use these and anything else with a 1/4" thread:
    RAM Camera Mount: (#1 fave)
    Panavise 809: (#3 fave)

  7. What kind of jacket are you wearing in these videos? Do you ever get cold in it? Or is it awesome for winter driving?

  8. Sunnypies: The jacket is a Tourmaster Epic. It is the warmest of all my riding jacket, and it works well for a Minnesota winter. When it is cold, I also wear a gerbing heated liner. The wind is the #1 issue for winter riding, so a good windshield/fairing is very helpful for the colder temps (below 0F).