Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day Ride

For Christmas, my wife and I went on a ride around the area and some lakes to look at the sights. We made a short holiday video. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

YouTube Video:


  1. Yep, I bet Ms Everyday Riding's helmet helps to minimize the gawking of folks seeing a sidecar rig out and about on a winter's day :)

    By the way, I know of another person who rides with ears and tail. She says she keeps extras with her just in case she loses one.

    Ride on.

  2. Love it! Tell Ms EDR's she was an awesome co-pilot!! hahaha! Glad you're having tons of fun on the Ural!

  3. Keith: I think you have a typo in your post. I'm sure you meant to say maximize right? :) It is truly incredible how many people stare, honk, and wave with her in the sidecar. One guy nearly hit a lamp post he was staring so much.

    We don't ride with any spare tiger parts. It'd be an excuse for her to try another animal, and by try, I mean me buying her a new set. ;)


  4. Eve: :D I will let her know. It is hard not to have fun when she's around. We have headsets now, so I can hear her giggling when we slide around. ;)

  5. Giggling? I'm afraid if Ms Circle Blue were in the chair there would be screaming rather than giggling in the headsets when the the slippin' and the slidin' thing happened :)

    As Ms CB watched the video I think she was surprised to see Ms EDR leaning with you in the turns. I think one of her resistances to riding in a sidecar is she'd just sit there. By the way, after viewing the video she did assure me that I didn't have to ever worry about having to buy her ears or tail . . . or, at least not tiger ones. She's from Illinois and wouldn't want anyone thinking she was a Univ. of Missouri fan. I don't know if that goes for other animals, so I may not be out of the woods yet. Of course, I guess I don't have to worry until she gets a helmet LOL.


  6. Keith: Slipping and sliding is the fun part. Yup, leaning helps the rig through the corners.

    They make a bunch of different animals; I'm sure you could find her none she likes after you get her a helmet ;)