Thursday, May 1, 2014

My New Girls: Motorcycling with Honeybees

Bees in the Sidecar

Last night was the most passengers I’ve ever had in my sidecar before, and they were all girls! I’m guessing at least 10,000.

I finally have honeybees! Did you know all the worker bees are female? I rode over after work and picked them up from a post office warehouse. The box was smaller than I expected. I ordered three pounds. It easily fit into my sidecar. I took them home and let them rest in my dinning room for the night. It was very strange to eat dinner with thousands of bees safely buzzing a few feet away. My friend and I liked it.

Hiving Honey Bees in Top Bar Hive

You can read more about my bee adventures on my garden blog here:


  1. Interesting passengers you have there. Did you build the hive or is it a commercial product? You may need to dramatically expand the size of your garden this year.

    BTW, is honey vegan?

  2. I believe you may now hold the record for most passengers....err monkeys in the sidecar.

  3. Yikes. I don't mind bees but I don't know if I could get up close and personal to that many at one time. I sure love it when they pollinate the garden though.

  4. I was unaware that you could transport them via the mail. and to answer one of the questions above, no...honey is not considered vegan since it is an animal byproduct.