Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MotoGP - Wet Super Slow Motion Video

I just saw this video on the MotoGP channel from the Jerez test. Amazing slow motion footage of riding fast in heavy rain. Cool stuff!

YouTube Video: MotoGP - Wet Super Slow Motion Video


  1. That was a great video, thank you for the link. And after reading the Geezer's last post about counter steering, I was definitely looking at which way the front wheel was pointing. Great examples of it.

    Has the last storm melted or is WInter still solidly there?

    1. It is good. I've watched it a few times now.

      Winter is on it's death bed I think. During the day we get into the low 30s, but at night still the teens. Most of the snow in my front yard is gone, but I have tons in the back and sides still.