Friday, June 22, 2012

Everyday for 7 Weeks–Week 7 Roundup

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A summary post of the Week 7 of 7.  I will write a proper summary of the trip at a future date.

Trip Route:    
Everyday for 7 Weeks - Week7 

Fun facts:
  • The GPS says I have covered  a total of 11,938 miles (19,212 km) over the 49 days of my trip.
    • Week1 Miles: 2,161 (308 a day avg)
    • Week2 Miles: 1,777 (253 a day avg)
    • Week3 Miles: 1,847 (263 a day avg)
    • Week4 Miles: 1,394 (199 a day avg)
    • Week5 Miles:     905 (129 a day avg)
    • Week6 Miles: 1,530 (218 a day avg) *skewed since I rode almost 400 on day 42.
    • Week7 Miles: 2,322 (332 a day avg)
  • Longest Riding Day: 434 miles - Day 23–Stewart to Prince George
  • Shortest Riding Day: 60 miles – Day 48 – Lincoln to Omaha
  • This is now the longest trip I’ve ever taken (49 days). The previous was China at 30 days.
  • This is now the longest motorcycle trip I’ve taken. The previous was 19 days – Great River Ride
  • Highest altitude on the trip (and ever on a motorcycle) 14,010 feet (GPS) Pikes Peak – Day 46
  • I created over 150GB of content!
  • The most expensive gas so far has been $7.27USD/gallon.
  • Best MPG: 67mpg
  • Worst MPG: 36mpg
  • New motorcycled states on this trip: Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Kansas, Oklahoma
  • New motorcycled provinces on this trip: Alberta, Yukon, British Columbia
  • Border Crossings: 5

Week 7 Posts:

Week 7 Videos: Entire Playlist

Week 7 Photos:

Bloggers I’ve met on this trip:

Animals I saw:
  • moose
  • black bear
  • muskrat
  • bison
  • caribou
  • deer
  • rein deer
  • elk
  • stone sheep
  • doll sheep
  • wild horses
  • bald eagle
  • wolf
  • fox
  • beaver
  • prairie dog
  • elephant seal
  • sea lion
  • countless different birds


  1. I don't know what is more impressive, 150GB of original content or 11,938 miles!

    BTW, did you have a pdf of the Milepost on your laptop or did you print out the pages that you though may be useful?

    1. LOL. I filled up my laptop HD and had to ship some data home with my wife on SD cards. Now the fun part is sifting through it all.

      I did have the milepost PDF on my laptop. I looked at it once or maybe even twice. The only printout I had was the pullout map. I probably shouldn't have bought the milepost.

  2. Impressive numbers! I wonder what's next...

    1. It is probably no longer exciting enough for you but if you want to stay on home soil, Route 66 comes to mind.

      If budget and time allows, I would say, rent a bike and ride Europe (around France to the Pyrenees into Spain, back East along Cote d'Azur towards Italy, and then do the Alps and/or the Dolomites with the wife. Can easily be done in about three weeks or less.

  3. Wow, almost 12,000 miles. Kudos to you for venturing on such an awesome trip.

    How shall you top it?