Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter Commuting

It snowed a couple inches last night which made the ride in this morning slightly more interesting than usual. I enjoy sliding the Ural around in the snow. My worn K335s tires in the rear made it easier than usual. I will have to replace them in a few hundred kilometers. I have a couple Duros standing by ready to go into service.

Snowy commute #ural

The snow looked fantastic clinging to the evergreen trees, so I had to take a photo. The temps for the last few weeks having been hanging around in the mid 20s F. Today, was no exception as the bank’s thermometer read 23F when I rode past. I twisted the knob on my heat troller slightly to the right to further enjoy the warmth provided by my Gerbing coat. The heated grips on low kept my hands toasty warm.

Snowy commute

I took one of the scenic routes home along Lake Como. I’ve taken so many pictures of this lake in the past, I rode around looking for a vantage point I hadn’t used yet. This is the result.

Winter commuting

It’s the road that winds around the north side of the lake. It’s quite fun to ride on even if the speed limit is 25mph. The sun tried to peek out just as I got home. It was another fun winter commuting day.

PS: Just finished some gas tank work on the R1150GS. I hope to get the fuse block installed this week.


  1. Still braving the cold and snow. Wow. I would have had serious cabin fever by now.

    Actually I like the lake pics with the blue waters surrounded by the green and pink stuff the most ;-)

  2. I do like the snow on the evergreens. Hopefully, I'll have to wait until next winter to see such things on my commute.

    I'm not going to clean of the protective stuff until April just to be on the safe side.


  3. SonjaM: Yup, still the snow. The cold is the easy part. It's too far to walk, so I ride. :) (sold the car in '09)

    The flowers on the lake are my fave too ;)

    Keith: fingers crossed for you on that one. this winter has worn out it's welcome. I'm also going to leave mine on for a bit. Then give the Ural a good spring cleaning.

  4. Wow, Chris. It was hail and rain for us and lots more snow for you guys. I'm looking forward to later in the week to commute to work, suppose to be sunny and 60s. Been raining today though...

    Ural's getting a workout this winter for you!

  5. Bash3r:Lots of snow this year! Last few years have been about 35-40 inches. This year we are at 80 inches already. The record is 98.6 inches. We're on track to at least get in the top three this season. It's going to make for some crazy flooding in a few weeks when it melts.

  6. Dear Chris:

    You remind me of a kid, out from school on a snow day.

    How I do love to read your blog... But sometimes, it makes me suicidal. I cannot bear the thought of one more day of snow anyplace in the world. It will be over 70ยบ (F) here on Friday, and I am ready to cry. The daffodils will be in bloom by the weekend and I for one, intend to sit in my open garage door bay with my feet up.

    With two weeks to go before the official start opf Spring, I developed a case of asthmatic bronchitis. I could scream.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  7. Dear Jack: Playing in the snow is fun, but I'm ready for it to go away. I'm trying to stay positive about it, but I am quite sick of it now. I'm ready for some proper two-wheeled riding. I've managed a few days in this last week with the SV. Still waiting for it to warm up properly. Maybe in a couple weeks the brown and white will turn to green.

    I hope you are enjoying your 70F. It's 29 here now with more snow tomorrow. I also hope you're feeling better. This is not a fun time of year to be sick!