Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Highlights in Photos

The following 32 photos represent significant or memorable moments from 2010. They’re in order from January to December. Hover over a photo to get the caption, and click on it to see a bigger version. I will follow this up with a 2010 wrap post soon.

The full flickr set is here if you’d rather scroll through them individually.

Ural and Minneapolis Skyline at Sunset #4 winning the 3rd Annual John Larson Memorial Ice Race Ural on Lake Josephine super9 and snow

Carlos Avery The start of numerous rides GS500 ride home with broken clutch

flying the chair in a mud pit wr250r on the bluff Flying the Chair leaned over 

ZARS-2010-06-06 - 2975 TC DualSport doing the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail SV650 at the Apostle Islands National Park sv650 at DCTC with ZARS

Flattrack school crash Gary France and his Harley Road King "The Leading Ladies" 2-up on the sv650 leaving Bash3r Motorcyclist and Biker in the Rain 

Welcome to Florida! Eve Sweatman SV650 in Fog on the Cherohala Skyway Meeting Sojourner 

Great River Ride 2010 Route Map Sidecar Rally at the National Motorcycle Museum First Thursday at Dulono's Kevin adjusting the alignment on the Ural 

Hanging out with the Ural First ride of a 2001 bmw r1150gs Snowy Thanksgiving Day Ride 2010 with the Ural Sunset at Lake Phalen


  1. Love all the photos Chris! What a fun year! Thanks for letting me be a part of that!

  2. +1 what Eve said! And, I still really, really like the "Motorcyclist and Biker in the Rain."

  3. What a great set of photos to showcase your year. The diversity of your bikes and your rides is a testament to your Everyday Riding. My favourite picture has to be Flying The Chair. Terrific post Chris!

  4. Nice set of shots Chris, looking forward to the wrap up article. I really liked the shot of the Ural from your Thanksgiving Ride, great angle.


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    Redleg's Rides

  5. Thanks Chris for sharing your riding year with us. My favourite is the 'Motorcyclist and Biker in the rain. Very poetic. I wish you a Happy New Riding Year!

  6. Eve: Thanks Eve! Thank you for taking the time to meet up and serve us the delicious sweet tea!

    Keith: Thanks! That photo is one of my favorites too.

    Kevin: You should! My Ural was like a new bike after a visit to you, and you ended the broken spoke saga.

    Gary: Thank you Gary. It was really a fantastic year.

    Dom: That Ural photo is one of my favorites as well. I changed my profile pic to it. Wrap-up still in progress, but I made a video of the photos too. :)

    SonjaM: Danke! ;) Happy new year to you too!